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Neighborhood Update








Record low inventory has placed the area in an extreme seller's market. 70 percent of homes sell in the first 30 days. With 30 percent less inventory than a year ago, multiple offers are all but guaranteed. If you're selling, you can name your terms. For those looking to buy, it's critical to work with a broker to arrange for financing, and create a strategy for escalation clauses and back-up offers.


Read the full Local Market Update, including statistics for the Eastside, Seattle, King County and Snohomish County.



If you'd like information on your specific neighborhood, give me a call and I'll be happy to send you a report.




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Eastside Equestrian Life Business of the month for February 2016

Pearl and Stone Wine Co.

"Open often and enjoy the moments in between"


On the first day of first grade of my first born, I met Wendy Stone, Bianca's first grade teacher.   Watching Wendy transition this gaggle of kids from babyhood to full on childhood was a sight to see on many levels. Wendy had that magical quality that only a select few teachers possess; the ability to make the kids want to be near her.  She had that encouraging soft spoken yet strong demeanor that says "you are welcome here" and "this will be fun"!


Wendy would often casually chat about the plans she and her husband had, to one day have their own winery.


Eleven years have passed, and I have watched Wendy and her husband, Chris, weave through life's milestones of creating a family, a career and a life in the Snoqualmie Valley.  Wendy is no longer talking about the dream of being a vintner in the valley. She is doing it.


Pearl and Stone Wine Co. was officially launched in 2013. Centered in the heart of the valley and partnering with two other Snoqualmie Valley families and educators, Pearl and Stone have brought the same magic of learning and joy of life to their wine. Like anything of value, crafting wine is a process; a process of continued learning; lessons in humility, patience, generosity, and joy. Wendy and the Pearl and Stone team bring this love of learning and creative magic and infuse their wines with the same charming characteristics of her teaching. With every bottle, Pearl and Stone says "you are welcome here" and "this will be fun."


To learn more about Pearl and Stone or to schedule a tasting, please click here .



KiamaLise Herres – Broker

Mobile: 206-679-5322

Office: 425-462-8000


If there is any additional information I can get you, please give me a call.   

– Kiama