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January Neighborhood Update / Eastside Equestrian Life

Neighborhood Update
from KiamaLise Herres


A record low number of houses for sale in December indicates that 2017 will continue to be a very competitive market for buyers. The good news: those who decide to take the plunge and list their home can count on getting a premium price for their property.  Brokers reported that about three-fourths of the homes sold in December involved bidding wars.
Read the full Local Market Update, including statistics for the Eastside, Seattle, King County and Snohomish County.



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Eastside Equestrian Life: Business of the Month for January 2017
Alexis Lind Three Day Event and Personal Trainer
The Rider as Athlete

Lexi and “Vincent” owned by Karen Halverson

In equestrian sports, the rider’s fitness level is all too often overlooked.  The main focus on athletic prowess is targeted on our loyal equine partner who is expected to make up for any gaps or lack of ability in the rider.  How fair is this to the horse?  The rider has an obligation to his or her own fitness level just as much as a commitment to the horse’s fitness.  We wouldn’t send a horse into the competition ring, overweight or underweight, weak and out of breath, would we? What we lack in strength, flexibility, stamina, balance and endurance is felt by our partner and this is a major burden to put upon them when they are already doing so much for us.

Lexi and “Hampton”
Alexis “Lexi” Lind is no stranger to competitive riding, nor to the gym. Lexi has been riding and competing in the Three-Day Event world her entire life and has started, trained and finished some amazing equine athletes. Apart from her disciplined training with her horses, Lexi is committed to her training inside the gym and as a certified trainer has the qualifications to train riders as well. A large part of Lexi’s success with her riding comes from her dedication to fitness and her awareness of functional movements and muscles needed for this sport.
Lexi and “Dante” owned by Therese Russel

Lexi often rides 8-9 horses a day which would not be possible without a keen understanding of her body and how it effects the horse.  When you watch Lexi ride, it’s not only her years of training and exquisite communication with the horse which are so stunning, but her overall grace in the saddle, just simply takes your breath away. That grace has been earned in thousands of hours of training on and off the horse. To be able to communicate as a riding instructor just how your body is working and effecting the horse is one of the truly unique qualities to Lexi’s coaching.

How about a different kind of New Year’s resolution this year? Instead of wanting to shed a few pounds and get fit for your health, how about doing it for your horse’s health instead?
Lexi is currently training at Gold’s Gym in Redmond.
If you’d like Lexi to design a workout routine for you specifically targeted at improving your riding, please contact her at 425.444.9539 or lexil@goldsgymnorthwest.com.

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